Work with Architects


Broadbent Construction is a full service design and build construction company in Fairfield County CT. For most of our projects, we produce the architectural drawings and construction designs ourselves in house. We are familiar with AutoCAD and other architectural rendering computer programs.  The best kind of architect is one that comes from a builders background. It is really important to be able to distinguish between drawing a curve on paper, and making it practical in the actual construction and building of it.  Sometimes on some very large home renovations in back country Greenwich or when the homeowner requests an architects services,  we do collaborate and work alongside them to make the plans come to life. If you live in Fairfield County and want to renovate your Victorian home, English Tudor, New England Colonial or your Old Greenwich water front property, give us a call to discuss ideas and plans.  If you check us out on Linkedin you can see our connections to architects and subcontractors.

“One tool that has been a great asset to us is a program called “Chief Architect”.

“It is a computer design program that allows you to draw in 2 dimensions and view the project in 3 dimensions. It has been of immeasurable help in assisting our customers to visualize the project from just about any angle you can dream of!”

Paul Broadbent