Structural and Rot Repair

rot repair 
 Structural damage, dry rot and foundation repairs require specialized knowledge of framing and structural related issues. In lead safegeneral rot repair is usually just the tip of the iceberg. We won’t know the extent of the damage until we start to open up the siding and look inside. Broadbent Construction can handle the job. If you have a just bought a house and the termite report calls out dry rot repairs, or if you are aware of rotted wood that needs proper replacement, we perform those tasks as well as framing repairs that connect the house to the foundation.  If need be, we can get structural engineers to help. Our carpenters can take on renovations and repair rotted wood on the exterior surface of your home or office. If we find any rotted wood when our painters prepare your home, we show you the areas in need of repair and provide an estimate for performing the repairs at that time. Our carpenter services include wood staining & finishing, siding replacement, brick molding, window sills, and trim work. Palette Pro can repair or replace damaged, rotten and neglected wood in windowsills, door frames, and drip edges along the corner of a roof, shutters, wood trim and siding. In many cases, we can replace the damaged wood with modern composites that will never decay or rot. These materials hold paint very well and require no maintenance. 

We cover the towns of Greenwich, Stamford, Old Greenwich, Trumbull, Norwalk, and many others in Fairfield County, CT.  Contact us for a free consultation and estimate.