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Most Americans work hard during the week so that we can provide for our family and afford a sturdy roof over our head. But what happens when the condition of your roof isn’t what it should be? An old or damaged roof cannot properly protect yourself and your loved ones from severe weather conditions such as hail, wind, snow, and rain. Just as important as your roof is having quality siding. Preventing rot repair and water damage is done by having high quality siding.

If your roof needs a makeover, contact Broadbent Construction today! Our trained professionals have years of experience in repairing and replacing roofs. Whether you need to replace your roof’s missing or damaged shingles, or replace rotten eaves molding, Broadbent Construction can help. We can also discuss with you the many economic and environmental aspects and life span of different kinds of roofing materials. Slate, copper and wood shingles look the best but, also are the most expensive. A quality happy medium to that is using Tab (3-Tab) Roofing Shingle which are popular and cost effective and reliable.

3-Tab Asphalt shingles are typically composed of a fiber glass mat base and have ceramic-coated mineral granules that are tightly embedded in carefully refined, water-resistant asphalt. 3-Tab shingles appear as three separate shingles and are recommended to be installed by an experienced roofer to best create a uniform appearance and avoid a wavy look. Whatever your needs, you can be confident that our repairs will increase the integrity and longevity of your roof, as well as the comfort of your home.

Repairing or replacing a roof is a dangerous job and one that should be reserved for skilled technicians only. Do not try to do it yourself. Call Broadbent Construction for a free estimate and we’ll walk you through a repair or replacement plan that will fulfill your needs without surpassing your budget.

Picking the right Siding for your Fairfield County Home.
Whether your is home located in Belle Haven, Old Greenwich, Riverside, there is a wide variety of exterior siding products available on the market today.
There are few renovation companies in Greenwich,CT Fairfield county that have the experience you need when it comes to cedar house siding. If you select the right product and have it installed correctly, cedar siding has incomparable beauty.
If you are thinking about putting cedar siding on your home make sure the company you are considering to do the work has extensive experience in installing cedar siding.  Proper installation and proper finish application is crucial to long-term performance.
There are generally two types of cedar siding, red cedar and white cedar.

red cedar siding

Red Cedar is available in several basic styles and more durable than white cedar. They are horizontal clapboard style (known as beveled siding), shingles, and shakes. Ask about the different grades available, which are generally determined by grain pattern.
As a rule of thumb, the narrower and thicker the grain pattern, the better the performance. Red Cedar is generally sold in clear unfinished form. Many homeowners like the natural look of weathered cedar. We do not advise this option because the product will not perform over the long term if left untreated.  Clear unfinished cedar house siding will not weather evenly due to each side of your house being exposed to the weather differently. 

Clear Coat Solution For Unfinished Cedar

If you really prefer the natural look of unfinished cedar there is a clear coat solution available that will prolong the life of the wood and enable it to weather more slowing and evenly allowing you to maximize the performance and beauty of the product. This clear coat is applied after the siding has been installed and is an excellent option if a long-term natural look is your goal. Talk to the experts at Broadbent Construction about all the options available for your homes exterior.

Red Cedar is also available pre-primed at the factory, which means it has been coated on all sides using a primer such as Cabot’s primer. This adds a benefit of sealing all sides (front, back, and edges) of the product so it is less likely to absorb moisture, expand and contract and move around like it will do in its natural state, therefore prolonging the life of the wood. Factory pre-primed product will require field applied finish coats.

Red Cedar can also come factory pre-finished where the wood is pre-stained on all sides before it is installed. This means you won’ t have to paint or stain it after it has been installed and you get a factory warranty on the finish ranging from 5 – 15 years.
Many painting contractors rarely give more than a one or two year warranty on their work. So for more maximum performance consider a pre-primed or pre-finished option.
It is a well known fact that a house releases moisture everyday similar to sweating. If the backside of your cedar siding has not been treated, the moisture will find its way through the siding and try to push out through the painted or stained surface causing bubbles and cracks. If you prefer the beauty of wood siding and want to avoid painting any more than necessary be sure to purchase a siding product that has been back-sealed with a primer or finish coat.

White cedar is a shingle product only and comes from a different part of the country and from a different tree than red cedar. White cedar offers a very unique look and has very different grain characteristics than red cedar. In its natural state it has almost a whitish very light appearance and left unfinished it characteristically weathers to a silvery gray, a lighter color than what red cedar would weather to. White cedar is found in the North East and is famous on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket. The shingles are smaller than red cedar shingles and offer a very unique and beautiful look on certain types of architecture. i.e. Cape Cod style houses, ranch style houses and some colonial style houses. It looks great on beach and waterfront homes.
White cedar is also available factory finished and stained in various colors. But what makes white cedar so different than red cedar is that it comes available using a bleaching oil stain. Bleached white cedar is a very popular look in Coastal Connecticut. When bleached you immediately get that silvery gray tint right from beginning.
The bleaching oil process allows for the weathering to occur very gradually and evenly keeping a uniform attractive appearance.

Hardieplank® Fiber Cement Siding
Another product that is available is Hardieplank Fiber Cement lap Siding. It is one of the most popular brands in America. With its strength, looks, and durability hardieplank siding can enhance and protect homes in kinds of climates. It comes  with a 30-year transferable limited warranty in a variety of styles and textures. visit James Hardies website for info.  Broadbent Construction has been installing siding on homes all over Fairfield County for the past 27 years,  give us a call with your project I am sure we handle it.


Cedar Siding is available in smooth, rough or saw-textured surfaces. When used with clear or semi-transparent finishes, a smooth surface will show the grain patterns and color variations in the wood more than other textures. These surfaces also absorb less finish and typically require more maintenance than other textures. In contrast, rough and saw-textured surfaces can absorb about twice as much finish as smooth textured surfaces and, when protected by stain or water repellent finishes, need to be recoated much less frequently.
Wood siding and wood finishes go hand in hand in providing consumers with virtually unlimited choices for appearance. By properly selecting the grade, seasoning, pattern and texture of the siding and by protecting it from moisture, sun and mold with a quality finish, wood siding can last for many decades.

Trim Work and Moldings

Want your home to stand out, it’s  the small things that really compliment your exterior such as decorative trim including crown moldings, window casings, corner posts, soffits, freeze boards, accent trim, etc. Which it is now also available in AZEK® Trim with the AZEK Edge has precise sealed edges on all 4 sides. This is a well known product for its Uniformity, Durability, Workability, and Beauty, AZEK Trim has the proven performance and confidence of a building code report – ESR-1074.

AZEK Trim products, available in trim, sheets, cornerboards, and beadboard, offer many reasons to choose AZEK Trim for your next project. Using traditional tools and fasteners, AZEK Trim products can be worked just like wood – even mitered, routed, and turned on a lathe.   Contact us for a Quote.





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