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Insurance Claim Repairs in Greenwich CT and Fairfield County:

Insurance Claim Work Water Damage


Living in Greenwich,CT  we all know that the winters are long and harsh but when it comes to your roof, hail can be the most devastating. Hail not only causes damage to your shingles causing leaks but also dents your soft metals(vents, turbines, gutters, act.). When your home is damaged by hail contact Broadbent Construction for an inspection immediately to get your insurance claim started. We at Broadbent Construction work for the homeowner to get the proper amount allocated to replace/repair the damage caused by hail. We take all of the hassle and headache out of working with our insurance provider allowing the homeowners to focus on their families and lives. If you have experienced a hail storm contact us as soon as possible to help with your claim and repairs.


Water damage is a very common problems in many homes around the country for many reasons. The most common problem is faulty installation of building materials which can result in water penetrating the building envelope. Foundations are also extremely prone to water infiltration, the freeze and thaw cycles can put pressure against your foundation causing crack this can also happen when water built up around the foundation is putting pressure on the foundation. If water problems occur, it is very important to address the problem right away before mold growth and rot begins. If you have water damage in your home contact us and we will work with you and your insurance provider to ensure that the proper repairs and amount allocated are completed and correct.


There is nothing more destructive than fire it consumes and destroys everything around it and can severely damage and destroy homes and buildings. We have worked on numerous fire restoration projects and know what needs to be done to rebuild or repair the dwelling. We are experts at determining what needs to be removed and what can stay based on damage and hidden problems that fire can and will cause. If you are a victim of fire damage contact us and we will work with you and your insurer to restore your property.


Wind damage is probably the leading cause of home damage, whether it’s a thunderstorm, tornado, or high winds your home could be damaged. Debris can often break windows, dent siding, tear of parts of your roof. The wind itself can pull up your shingles, roof, siding, and even destroy your home. No matter what the damage might be you want to act fast and restore your property. If you have experienced wind damage contact us to work with you on your claim process and repairs.

How to proceed with your Insurance claim?

1) Gather your homeowners insurance documents locate the telephone number given for claims.

2) Report to the claims center the nature of the damage to your property and request a claim number and a telephone for your insurance company’s local claims adjuster.

3) Give this information to your Broadbent Construction representative so that a meeting at your property with the adjuster can be scheduled.

4) Following the meeting at your property, your Broadbent Construction representative will contact you to discuss the work that will be covered by your insurer and to arrange a meeting to review products, styles and colors for your home.

5) Your insurer will send out a claim report and the first of two checks for payment of the work and materials. Contact your Broadbent Construction reprehensive when you receive these documents.

6) When the work on your home has been finished, Broadbent Construction will review the completed work with you and make sure that all materials have been removed from your property. At this time you will receive a final invoice from Broadbent Construction which is due when you receive your second insurance check.

Information On Your Insurance Claim in Fairfield County, CT

How do I file a homeowners claim?

Phone your agent or company immediately.
Insurance policies place a time limit on filing claims. Find out what the time limit is. Ask questions: Am I covered? How long will it take to process my claim?Immediately make temporary repairs.( Have your contractor make these repairs as they could be very dangerous. This also allows us to further inspect the damage.)

How does the payment process work?

Meet with your contractor and insurance adjuster to come to a certain sum of money that will be used for repairs. If you have a mortgage on your house, the check for repairs will generally be made out to both the homeowner and the mortgage lender. The lender will then generally but the money into an escrow account and pay for the repairs as the work is completed.The first check your receive is often an advance of the total settlement amount. Its not the final payment.

If offered an on the spot settlement you can accept checks right away, if later on you find other damage you can “Reopen” the claim and file for an additional amount.

How is the settlement amount determined?

The settlement amount depends on which type of policy you have.
Replacement costs and actual cash value may differ.
By having a third party professional working for you on your claim it can increase your claim amount by 35%.

For more information, give us a call!